Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Adding an Arch

Howdy Folks,

As I've mentioned a few times here, we've been planning an arch for our solar panels and mounting our new wind generator.  To ensure we got this done as early as possible this spring, we even dropped a deposit with the local craftsman that's custom building for us...last November (6 months ago).  The original agreement was that it would be complete at the end of April (a month ago).

Just a few of the tools they hauled down to the boat for the initial fit.

Nice day for a little welding.

Want to guess where this is going?  Yep it's now the end of May and we still don't have an arch on Vela.  On the plus side, work has started and they even brought the initial rough build out and fitted it.  Now it's back in the shop having the davits added and our (2) new 315W solar panels mounted.  So I'm sure we'll have it completed, you know...any time now :)

Setting the new arch in place for a few last minute tweaks.

They trimmed the legs on the dock for the initial fit and then tacked it to the new stainless base plates.

More pics to follow as it nears completion along with the new stern seats, solid top rail around the  cockpit and a new swim platform.  Once the arch is done we can mount the new higher bimini frame and the canvas shop will be able to complete the new dodger and bimini we'd been waiting for.  Unfortunately, the delays with the arch are holding up that and several other projects...which is why we started so long ago.

The inspiration for the shape of our new stern rail seats (Hunter)

Nothing like a little 316 stainless in the sunset.  Notice all that sweet duct tape that's currently covering all the holes in Vela.

In all fairness, the guy we're using does amazing work.  He's probably more of an artist than a craftsman, so we're willing to accept the delays.  Still, having a boat with no bimini in the heat and rain of the Kemah spring, has been an adjustment.  Then again, it's made removing all the sails and dropping the mast a little easier.  But more on that next time...

Thanks for swinging by,