About Vela - The Island Packet 40

Vela is a 1999 Island Packet 40.  We bought her from the original owner, Bob.  He'd owned her for 15 years and had taken great care of her over the years.  When we bought her she was in Oxford Maryland and was named Baboo.  For us, it was love at first sight, by this point we knew we wanted an IP40 and she was the one for us.  You can see more about that here.

We where fortunate enough that Bob had installed a Vetus bow thruster, some refrigeration, SSB radio, cabin heater and really not much else.  This meant she was a great value and we could outfit her our way.  Here's the basic stats on the IP40 for those that are interested.

LOA - 41' 6" (12.7 m)
LOD - 39' 4" (12.0 m)
LWL - 34' 0" (10.4 m)
Beam - 12' 11" (3.9 m)
Draft - 4' 8" (1.4 m)
Mast Height - 53' 8" (16.4 m)
Fuel - 90 Gallons (340 l)
Water - 170 Gallons (643 l)
Displacement (reported) - 22,800 lbs (10,342 kg)
Ballast - 10,000 lbs (4,536 kg) encapsulated lead keel
Sail Area - 907 sqft (84.3 sqm)
Sail Area/Displ - 18.04
Displ/Length - 259
Ballas/Displ - 44%
Aux Power - 50 hp Yanmar
Headroom - 6' 5"

As you can see, we didn't buy her in hopes of winning any races.  We bought her because she was well maintained, very well built, solid, super comfortable and we thought she was a great value for our budget.  Most of all, we bought her because we could see the potential and we could tell that like us...Vela was ready for more than what her life currently was.  She's proven to be an excellent vessel so far and we're looking forward to our voyages together.

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