Friday, January 23, 2015

GoM passage Day 2 - Sat Jan 10th

This morning the seas where still pretty rough and rolly but the wind was still good and we where making good time.  As the day progressed the wind dropped to 5-10 knots out of the NE and then shifted to E and dropped to about 5 knots.  So we where sailing on a broad reach with almost no wind doing a sad 3 knots with a good bit of roll due to a beam sea and finally decided to fire up the engine and start getting some miles.  Motor sailing, we’ve been getting somewhere in the 6+ knot range, we can easily do a bit more but are motoring at 1700 RPM, which allows our little 50 hp Yanmar to sip diesel so we’ll have it for later.  The seas actually calmed down too, so we decided to take advantage of the conditions cook some turkey burgers for dinner. Nothing fancy, but a nice hot meal was appreciated.  We actually had a nice hot breakfast too, oatmeal is a great option on a boat.

Overall, it’s been a good but slower day than we’d like.  The models are showing the wind picking up tonight and tomorrow.  We’re hoping it won’t be too much when it finally gets here, but being able to sail and get our speed up a bit would be great.  We really need to look into some good downwind/lightwind sails and a whisker pole for BABO  I’m still surprised the previous owner didn’t have a whisker pole?
O to get the best out of days like today.

Anyway, it’s about an hour after dinner and my first night watch 8-10 starts in about an hour.  I’ll be back to add anything relevant tomorrow.  See you soon – Erin  

Motoring through relatively calm seas

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