Friday, May 8, 2015

The unplanned swim

I've been meaning to right this update for a while now but have been so busy with work and boat projects that I kept putting it off. It will be a little light on pictures for reasons that should become obvious.

A little over a month ago, Kara and I had planned to latch onto a naming ceremony that a couple boats from our pier at the marina where having as a last hurrah before leaving on their cruising adventures (bastards).  We had been planning our own renaming ceremony and when they heard about it they invited us to join them.  So we took the old name off and got everything ready for the new name.

We took off a little early from work on Friday afternoon and headed down to Houston for a fun filled weekend of boating adventure.  One of Kara's long time friends, we'll call her Ren, decided to join us for the weekend and come see what this whole sailboat/cruising dream she's heard us talk about for so long was all about.  So despite some pretty crappy weather reports, we headed down for a weekend on the boat.

I think most of us probably have a friend or two, who when we get together it's just one big party.  For Kara, that friend is Ren.  When they get together it's like a perfect storm and given the weather we where expecting, I knew it was going to be an interesting weekend.

So we got to the boat a little after 6:00 and the rum started flowing.  Since the weather Friday night was actually fairly nice, we decided to just relax in the cockpit and enjoy a few drinks.  Once we learned that Dominoes delivers to boats in our marina we just kicked back and relaxed for the evening.  The next morning we got up, enjoyed some bad marina coffee and...watched the rain pour down.  It rained pretty much all day, it rained so much we couldn't even consider putting the new name on that day, so we called our other friends and family that where coming for the naming ceremony and told them not to bother, we'd do it another day.  It rained almost 9 freaking inches that day.  We went out to eat some late breakfast...ok lunch and then decided to go back to the boat and get out of the rain for a while.

So we ended up spending about 4 hours drinking rum and playing poker in the saloon.  Thank you giant bulkhead mounted table and of course, Flor de Cana for the delicious rum.  By the time the rain started to slow down we decided to go join the festivities.  Despite the rain the party was in full swing for both Migration and Helios, so we joined them for some delicious food and yep, even more booze.  Then it was time for a pair of renaming ceremonies, more on this when we do ours.

By the time 11PM rolled around we where all feeling pretty good but neither Kara or I had noticed just how much booze Ren had been putting away.  So we decided to head up to the marina hot tub for a bit.  As Kara and I where wrapping up our changing, Ren decided to grab a few more diet cokes and on her way out...promptly fell off the boat and into the water between the boat and dock.  Evidently, on the way down she hit her face on the dock because by the time we jumped up the companionway and hauled her out of the water, she had a very bloody nose.

Incidentally, we now have new dock steps to make it a bit easier getting on and off of the boat...and everyone is fine

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